Time to Paint

So the walls are taped up and ready to be painted.


Ok now here’s something fun for everyone, the first 10 people who guess the color I am painting the salon from the ones below get 35% off their services on opening week. Choose from the 4 colors below (1 through 4 – from left to right). The first 10 people who email me at SanOlviBeauty@gmail.com with their full names get the prize.


Once again, first 10 people get 35% off any services on OPENING WEEK. So make sure you email me which number you choose and your full name to SanOlviBeauty@gmail.com


And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.


4 thoughts on “Time to Paint

  1. Hey Sandy!! Congrats on your business venture!! I wanted to ask you what type of glass is installed in your replacement door. Double paned glass is a bit more secure. Do you have your security system set up yet? Technically you are already in business so your property is an asset that requires protection and maybe even covering up the windows until the day before you open to detract vandals. I am so happy for you and I would love to talk to you more about how you got this far. I am working on a business plan for a current venture I would like to open in a year or two.

    -Ronnie J

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