One of Many

Whenever you hear about someone opening a business, we all think about the great opportunities ahead, as well as the hardships and obstacles. Well this week I encountered the first one of many. This is the difficult part about opening a business on your own; yes it’s a great experience, but with risk comes loss sometimes.

Last Monday morning I had a meeting with a contractor at 9:30 in the morning for some work I needed done in my business. I received a call at 9:15am that she was already there, but she had some pretty bad news for me. The front door to my business had been shattered to pieces. Huge let down.

Up to this point, we hadn’t really ran into any big issues. Everything was working out well for the most part. So off I went to check out my broken glass door and this is what I found…




Not much I could do at this point. Filed a police report and made a lot of phone calls to various businesses to see who could install a new door for me on the same day. Luckily I found someone that could do it same day and by that afternoon I had a new door.

A bit of a let down since I am working so hard on getting this place up and running. Energy, time, and money spent. Oh well, it happens right? Just have to keep it moving and be positive.

Had some great things added to the salon this week and more that will get done this week. Expect a lot more updates as we get closer to opening week. I will be announcing my grand opening very soon as well. So please keep visiting the blog, I really appreciate it. Pass it along to whoever you know, any and all support is needed and appreciated.

Ok, so I did get some replies about the paint color for the walls, but unfortunately no one guessed the right color! Lol so if you still want to guess the color for some discounts on opening week, please check out the posts before and send me your email.

Now, for this week I want you all to guess which product line I will be using in my salon. If you guess right you will get 15% OFF all products on OPENING WEEK.

These are your options:
1) Goldwell
2) Redken
3) Matrix
4) Wella

So now comment on this post with your choice and your email, if you guess right I will email you a certificate for 15% OFF all products on OPENING WEEK.

Thanks again for checking out the blog. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Have a great day.

SanOlvi (6.13.11)


5 thoughts on “One of Many

  1. I love your positive attitude!! You will always come across obstacles during your journey, but with faith in God and positivity, it shall all work out at the end for you my friend 🙂 It seems it’s gonna have a beautiful outcome!

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