Newest Additions

6:10AM and I am still up. Last week I said “Next week will be a chill week, I want to relax before opening up the salon,” wow was I wrong lol

I’ve realized that owning your business is a 24/7 job. Especially right before opening it. The to-do list never seems to end. Right when we think we are done, we still have a ways to go. The finish line is definitely getting closer though. I’m very excited about the Grand Opening this Sunday, and for our first day of business on Tuesday.

Well here are a couple additions we made to the salon recently.

A framed poster by the reception area. Thanks to Sonia for the design of it, and to Jovim from for getting all of our business cards, menus, banners, poster, etc. done for us.


And also, the front business sign is finally up. Again, thanks to Sonia for the design work.


Sunday’s the big day. Hope to see all my friends and family there. I would really appreciate the support.

I’m going to get a quick nap in right now, before having to wake up and get everything ready for the celebration on Sunday.

Have a great day.

SanOlvi Beauty (7.1.11)


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