SanOlvi Beauty Bids a Temporary Farewell

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I want to thank every single person that has walked through our doors. SanOlvi Beauty would have not existed if it wasn’t for you. You all helped me pursue a dream I always had and your loyalty to my business made it come true. I truly enjoyed every moment I spent at SanOlvi and loved connecting with my guests on a daily basis. This opportunity created a lot of friendships and a lot of fond memories. I started up with only a dream and the keys to a storefront, in return I received memories I will never forget. This isn’t the end though, SanOlvi Beauty will re-open in a new phase of my life and at a better location. I am forever grateful for the opportunities I was given. To every single guest who trusted me with their beauty; Thank you. Thank you for the talks, for the comradery, for bringing me a coffee at those early appointments, or asking me if I wanted to order something for dinner for the late ones; Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for the ever lasting memories you have created for me.

It was a tough decision to make, but one that had to be made none the less. During my time at SanOlvi Beauty, I had also delve into other businesses and projects I had envisioned to be a part of years prior. This year, one of those businesses has taken off and has really taken up a lot of my time and energy. I whole heartedly tried juggling all of my ventures accordingly, but the unfortunate reality was that I had to step away from SanOlvi for a bit in order to focus on the more lucrative endeavor. Beauty, hair, makeup, styling is my passion; I will undoubtedly be back. Don’t think of this as a goodbye, just a see you later. I hope all of my guests understand and I hope to still be in contact with you all in some way or another. God bless each and every one of you.

Thank you.

Sandy Olvera (SanOlvi Beauty)


So Far So Good


Our opening week has been great; we cannot complain one bit. We had 22 clients in our first week and that’s not counting who might walk in the door today. I truly appreciate all the support we’ve received.

We are working hard on keeping up with the promo and doing all we can to get people in the door. Make sure you call us to make your appointment now. Remember you get a $3.00 savings when you book ahead of time (not valid for same day appointments).

Also, make sure you look out for us on GroupOn Now Deals very soon; for those of you who use GroupOn. We are just waiting on a couple things to finalize before it goes through.

Again, thanks to all of our clients that came and made our opening week a success. Now the plan is to keep it going!

Have a great day.

P.S. Don’t forget we’re Open Today (Sunday) from 10am-4pm.

SanOlvi (7.10.11)

SanOlvi Beauty on Yelp


SanOlvi Beauty can now be found on – Click HERE to Check out our Yelp page.

Yelp is a great way to get information on businesses you are interested in visiting, or have already visited and want to review.

We already received 3 reviews and it is only our first week; all 3 have been 5 star ratings! Thanks to everyone who has scheduled an appointment or has already came in to see us, we really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to make your appointment. Call us at 773-930-4751

SanOlvi (7.9.11)

Just Some Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of the place right before it was finished. So there’s still paper on the windows in these and a couple of things out of place, but just wanted to share these with you all. Opening week has been great so far, please make your appointment soon, so we can keep up the momentum. Thanks!






SanOlvi (7.7.11)

The Grand Opening

On July 3rd, 2011 I had the Grand Opening of my new salon, SanOlvi Beauty. The day was finally here. I felt very accomplished with all the hard work we put into the business and was eager to open the doors to the public. We woke up around 6am on Sunday and began by bringing down the paper that was covering the windows and doors. We then washed the windows and finished setting up the tables for the big day. Next thing I knew it was noon and the Grand Opening celebration began. Below are a few pictures of the event.





















At the Grand Opening we did a couple of raffles, and two lucky participants won $100 worth of services. We also scheduled our first appointments and sold some of the Grand Opening Deals. We had people from around the neighborhood stop in and our family & friends joined us. All in all it was an incredible time.

Thanks to each and every one of you that made this a special day for us. We appreciate everyone who stopped by and celebrated this day with us. Later today, 10AM to be exact, will be the first day we are open for business. This is just the beginning of the journey.

SanOlvi (7.5.11)


Just wanted to introduce everyone to Square, which is what we will be using at the salon to accept credit cards.

Square is a great new way for small businesses to accept major credit cards, without having to be stuck with the heavy rental fees and restrictions many banks enforce. It puts the power in the hands of small business owners.

Square is very innovative and a great way to do business. We use an iPad to operate the hardware and you get to sign your name on the iPad screen. And since it’s always good to go Green; if anyone wants a receipt of their transaction, we can email or text it to them.

So get use to seeing Square around, definitely the way business is going in the near future.

Check out more info at