Meet Our Makeup Artist Marjorie


Marjorie is a lover of art, beauty, and fashion. Her interests were honed and refined at an early age as her passions began to morph into a love for makeup. She started experimenting with different colors and techniques; ultimately completing her professional makeup artistry training at the London Eyes International Makeup School in October 2009.

Becoming a certified makeup artist has allowed Marjorie to complete makeup applications for weddings, photo shoots, fashion shows and private events. She is constantly growing in her gift and blossoming into a seasoned makeup artist. Her goal is to enhance people’s beauty and create their desired image through her artistic skills. She believes that it is extremely important to be passionate about ones profession and for her, makeup is her passion.

Makeup by Marjorie from SanOlvi Beauty

photo 1-4

photo 2-2

photo 1-2

4 thoughts on “Meet Our Makeup Artist Marjorie

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  2. She did my make up for my boyfriend’s prom and it turned out flawless. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that wants perfection. She doesn’t rush unless you ask her to. Even then, she kept making sure I liked what she was doing and offered to redo whatever I didn’t like. It was worth taking public transportation out to them for my prom. The hair stylist is also amazing. I can’t stop looking at my boyfriend’s prom pictures because I looked so amazing thanks to Marjorie and the stylist. (Feel bad I don’t remember her name)

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