A Message from SanOlvi

We want a beauty salon that  feels comfortable and to cater to individuals who take pride in their appearance. I am glad to say, the moment is now!

We truly want every client to walk out satisfied and feeling great. We want they’re experience here at SanOlvi Beauty to be relaxing, professional, and enjoyable.  If you’ve been looking for a salon who cares and understands your needs in regards to your image, look no further; SanOlvi wants to be your go-to salon.

We have always had a vision of creating a comfortable environment for the clients and to offer high-end quality services with superior products. Our goal is to bring out the beauty within us all. With an eye for detail we can bring out what you see in yourself, and if you don’t quite have the idea, we’ll work on it together, so we both feel proud of the outcome.

Your decision to visit us is a choice that we highly appreciate.

Thank You.

– SanOlvi

Call Now to Make Your Appointment at (773) 934-6988

If you have any questions feel free to email her at San@SanOlviBeauty.com

3 thoughts on “A Message from SanOlvi

  1. SAndy,

    Congrats on opening up your place and your work looks fantastik hoping to stop by soon to get something done. Best wishes from my mom and me. Take care and see you soon

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